Kirt W. Montague

Chairman and CEO

Mr. Montague is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Plum Energy LLC and widely considered a leader and pioneer in the small-scale LNG space. Under his leadership, Plum developed the first small-scale LNG production facility in North Dakota, which has proven to be an exceptional LNG plant in terms of CAPEX and OPEX efficiency and overall reliability. Plum also has established itself as the market leader in providing LNG as well as related storage and refueling infrastructure in the mining sector, particularly for use in converting mine haul trucks working closely with Caterpillar and its dealers. In addition, Mr. Montague led the diversification of Plum’s business with the formation of Plum Gas Solutions Inc. in Canada and the US, which provides CNG and LNG solutions for pipeline outage and integrity work, flaring reduction, biogas monetization and other off-grid applications. Plum also has expanded its operations in Mexico and Colombia with the formation of partnerships and development of projects in those markets.

Before forming Plum Energy, he was the founder, CEO and Board Member of Prometheus Energy Group, Inc., a vertically integrated energy company he founded in 2003 and led through the sale of a majority interest to the Shell Technology Venture Fund in the fall of 2010. During his tenure, he led the development of several innovative, “first-of-kind” applications for small-scale LNG in the US and Poland, and helped pioneer the creation of new “off-grid” markets for natural gas, including the drilling and mining industries.

Before starting Prometheus, Mr. Montague practiced as a business attorney for 13 years and was a managing shareholder of Romero Montague, P.S., a business law firm in Bellevue, Washington.

Mr. Montague is past chairman and a current member of the Executive Board of the CleanTech Alliance, which is a non-profit trade association of clean tech businesses and organizations in Washington State. He also currently serves as a Board Member of Water Tectonics Inc. in Everett, Washington and has previously served on the Board of Directors of a variety of private companies and non-profit organizations. In 2009, Mr. Montague was recognized as one of the Top 25 Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Seattle by Seattle Business Magazine.

Mr. Montague has a Law Degree from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Finance from Brigham Young University.

G. Robin Gill


Mr. Gill is the President and a Board Member of Plum Gas Solutions, Inc. (“PGS”), which is the Company’s affiliated entity headquartered in Calgary, Canada and focused primarily on natural gas pipeline outage services in Canada and the United States using LNG and CNG. He is a recognized market leader in safely and efficiently providing natural gas to utilities and pipeline companies for pipeline outage and integrity work, as well as for providing solutions for flare reduction and biogas monetization projects

Previously, Mr. Gill was Divisional Vice President of the CanGas Solutions’ division of CanElson Drilling. CanGas Solutions pioneered techniques to conserve and transport dense phase oil field flare gases and supplied a full range of CNG services to pipeline, hydrocarbon drilling and industrial companies throughout western Canada.

Prior to joining CanGas Solutions, Mr. Gill was co-founder, President and CEO of Danagaz W.L.L., a natural gas development company headquartered in the Persian Gulf. At Danagaz Mr. Gill formed and led a consortium including the Egyptian state natural gas holding company to develop an NGL manufacturing and export facility on the Gulf of Suez in the Republic of Egypt.

Before forming Danagaz, Mr. Gill was the Managing Director, Middle East and North Africa region for Dynegy Global Liquids, then one of the largest worldwide natural gas liquids ‘blue water’ transport and trading companies. He has extensive experience in engineering, operations and management with both multi-national and independent upstream and mid-stream energy companies.

Mr. Gill has an Applied Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Kehau Kincaid

Vice President of Business Operations

Ms. Kincaid is the Vice President of Business Operations for Plum Energy, and is responsible for managing and overseeing the general operations of the Company’s business and administrative functions, including legal, HR and IT/IS. She also serves as the Corporate Secretary for the Company and as a Board Member of Plum Gas Solutions, Inc., the Company’s subsidiary entity in Canada. Ms. Kincaid has extensive experience with small-scale LNG, having spent nearly 12 years working in the space. She has played a key role in the development and ongoing operation of several small-scale LNG production projects, working closely with key manufacturing, logistics, legal and financial partners in the process. She also monitors the Company’s HSSE program, helping to ensure that all activities and operations are conducted safely, securely and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Previously, Ms. Kincaid worked with Mr. Montague at Prometheus Energy, joining that company in 2004 shortly after its formation. At Prometheus, she served as a member of the leadership team in a variety of capacities, eventually as the head of Human Resources from 2009 until her departure in 2013. She also served on the Board of Directors as Corporate Secretary from 2008 to 2013.

Previously, Ms. Kincaid was Corporate Paralegal at Romero Montague P.S., where she assisted with business transactions, including formation, funding, M&A and corporate governance matters.

Ms. Kincaid has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Washington State University, and also is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Society of Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals.

Don Fraser

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Fraser is Vice President of Business Development as well as a Board Member of PGS, and responsible for its business development activities in Canada and the US. He works closely with utility companies, pipeline operators, energy producers and other industry partners to deliver natural gas solutions for pipeline outage and integrity work, Renewable Natural Gas RIN Credit monetization, flaring reduction projects and other off-grid industrial applications.

Mr. Fraser has extensive experience in the CNG industry. Previously, he was the co-founder and VP Business Development for CanGas Solutions Inc. where he worked closely with utility companies and pipeline companies to provide natural gas solutions using CNG and related services. Before joining CanGas, Mr. Fraser was the Director of Sales for Dynetek Industries. Before that Mr. Fraser’s 10 years’ experience working as a Market Manager for Air Liquide Canada Inc. gave him wide-ranging experience working with both cryogenic as well as compressed gas products.

As a member of Compressed Gas Association of Canada, Mr. Fraser contributed to the development of Standards for the manufacture of Tube Trailers, which standards have been adopted by both Transport Canada and the US DOT.

Mr. Fraser has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Guelph, Ontario.

Gary Hyer

Vice President of Field Services

Mr. Hyer is Vice President of Field Services for PGS. In that role, he oversees overall management of PGS’s projects with primary focus on temporary supply of CNG and LNG for both scheduled and emergency outage jobs for various industrial and utility companies. Mr. Hyer works closely with PGS’s customers, suppliers, logistics partners and other vendors to ensure projects are completed safely, on time and on budget.

Mr. Hyer has more than 15 years of technical and operations experience in the upstream oil and gas industry, including production engineering and well drilling and completions with executive management experience.

Prior to joining PGS, Mr. Hyer was Manager of Operations for CanGas Solutions, a division of CanElson Drilling. At CanGas Solutions, he was directly responsible for developing and commercializing unique, proprietary methods to conserve, transport and off-load dense phase raw oilfield flare gases. Specifically, Mr. Hyer led the development and implementation of solutions for reducing flare gas from drilling operations by cleaning up, compressing and transporting that gas to market instead of continuing to flare that valuable energy resource. Mr. Hyer also oversaw the management of internal facility capital projects and day-to-day operations of CNG transport throughout western Canada.

Mr. Hyer has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona. He is a registered professional engineer in the Province of Alberta, Canada and holds citizenship in both the USA and Canada.

Jon Wadsworth

Director of Business Development

Mr. Wadsworth, as Director of Business Development, is focused on new business opportunities in all sectors of the market for Plum in the United States, Canada and Mexico. He has extensive experience in the downstream aspects of the LNG value chain, including storage, transportation and dispensing of LNG for nontraditional applications.

Prior to joining Plum, Mr. Wadsworth was Director of Operations for Blu LNG, a Utah-based company focused on building out a network of on-road fueling solutions and infrastructure for LNG trucks. As Blu LNG’s Director of Operations, Mr. Wadsworth was involved in all aspects of the business and served as the primary point contact for the company’s customers. Specifically, he was responsible for managing the company’s operations center, which monitored operational data and site conditions from the company’s filling stations throughout the US and Canada. Mr. Wadsworth also was significantly involved in the technical aspects of the company’s efforts in manufacturing LNG vehicle tanks and developing new diesel replacement solutions for the trucking industry.

Before joining Blu LNG, Mr. Wadsworth spent eight years in the wholesale and retail fuel industry at Pilot Flying J, where he was responsible for the day-to-day operations for all travel plazas and fueling infrastructure throughout the Midwest. Mr. Wadsworth oversaw multiple business units, which collectively generated $600MM to $800MM in revenue per year, focusing on profitability by improving customer interaction and increasing the speed and efficiency of transactions.

Mr. Wadsworth has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business with a focus on Logistics Management from Weber State University, where he currently is an MBA candidate.

Josh Anderson

Operations Manager

Mr. Anderson, as Operations Manager, is focused on the technical and operational aspects of the LNG supply chain, with a focus on the operation and maintenance of small-scale LNG production facilities. He has been involved with commissioning and start-up of several innovative liquefaction plant designs, including those incorporating closed-loop nitrogen, mixed refrigerant and DresserRand/Seimens’ LNGo refrigeration systems. Mr. Anderson also has extensive experience with the setup and commissioning of LNG trailers, Queens and mobile fueling stations, as well as LNG storage and regasification equipment. He is particularly adept at trouble shooting new equipment installations and has been engaged by a number of third parties to train plant operators and other technicians in the LNG space. In addition, Mr. Anderson works closely with industry experts in product development and design to improve safety and increase the efficiency of operations and maintenance activities.

Prior to joining Plum Energy, Mr. Anderson was a commissioning technician for Blu LNG where he worked closely with the new design engineering of mobile LNG fueling systems as well as the brick and mortar LNG stations built to serve the over-the-road trucking industry. He worked closely with local fire marshals, building and electrical inspectors, and other regulators, gaining their trust and respect as projects were brought to completion.

Prior to his time at Blu LNG, Mr. Anderson worked as an instrumentation technician for Rio Tinto’s Kennecott concentrator and smelter process.

Mr. Anderson is a Journeyman Electrician with an industrial electrical and instrumentation certification. His education includes a 5-year apprenticeship through a Utah-based IBEW program.